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w/ BRYCE CANYON (Optional - see rates)

- Fall Colors Photography Tour -

Full Tour (w Bryce Canyon) - THURS OCT 13 to MON OCT 17

Partial Tour - Thurs Oct. 13 - Sun Oct. 16

ONLY 6 spots available!

Epic Autumn (Fall) Colors photo tour.
We will visit amazing places in Utah and Arizona.

Go with photo experts who will help you capture the best photos!

Generally a great time for this trip - Amazing Fall photography along the creeks and in the colorful deserts of Utah and Arizona. This tour runs as follows: We officially meet for dinner and hold the workshop to talk about photo technique and whats expected to be seen and photographed.  We then go to locations in the morning as individuals in our vehicles (maybe carpool), meet at locations and begin the hikes together, and shoot throughout the hikes.


                      (Photos © Individual owners - used for illustration only)


Thursday is a travel day, We check in t your hotel on Thursday afternoon 3 pm, meet and do a short 1.5-mile hike at nearby Red Cliffs Trail. After that we have a welcome dinner at a nearby restaurant called Baristas. We talk about the next day's hike and expectations and do a final check on our equipment and supplies.

We begin on 
Friday with the spectacular SUBWAY.  It is an amazing hike into a canyon where we will see dinosaur tracks, waterfalls, cascades and the spectacular SUBWAY! This is approximately a 10-mile round trip hike and it will take the entire day to do so we can capture photos as we walk in and walk back out. We return to out hotel, have dinner and talk about the day's hike and review the next day's hike.

The following day, 
Saturday, we check out early and after breakfast we head to Kanab where we will travel in a 4x4 vehicle into the very desolate and rarely visited WHITE POCKET! This will be about a 3 miles hike.  There is no permit required but the location is SO REMOTE, almost no one can go unless they have a 4x4 vehicle!  Some people say this one is BETTER THAN THE WAVE! We will have a guide take us into the area to explore for most of the day.  We return to our hotel in Kanab where we will have dinner at a very nice restaurant, talk about the day's adventure and the next day's expectations.

Sunday we check out really and after breakfast we head out to visit Bryce Canyon in the FALL 

(Partial Tour Participants head home after breakfast) 
(Full tour participants continue on to Bryce Canyon)!  

Colors will be SPECTACULAR and AMAZING! We will do a short hike, about 1 mile, before we check into the hotel.  After checking in we will do a longer hike, about 6 miles, and return for the Sunset View photos.  After that we have dinner and talk about the day's adventures and how everything went so far.

Monday morning we wake up early for sunrise shots at Bryce Canyon, check out of the hotel, and have a goodbye breakfast, and travel back home.  This is mostly a travel day.

Spend 4-5 days of SPECTACULAR FALL COLORS PHOTOGRAPHY in UTAH and ARIZONA (2 nights in Hurricane, Utah; 1 night in Kanab, Utah; (Partial tour) plus 1 night in Bryce, (Full tour only)

We will stay at comfortable hotels each night, sleeping in individual large beds each person.  3 rooms with 2 beds each room for comfort and convenience!

This amazing FALL COLORS photo tour involves hiking 10 miles the one day round trip (The Subway); 3 miles round trip (The White Pocket); and about 8 miles round trip (Bryce Canyon) and we will do each one during an entire day so we will have time to rest, take breaks and eat and drink as we go. 

It is a hike for those who love to hike and photograph the colors of FALL!  YELLOWS and ORANGES alongside SUNSETS AND SUNRISES!  and maybe some ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY as well during the night!

COST (TWO RATES) of Full Tour or Partial Tour:


(Red Cliffs, Subway, White Pocket, Bryce Canyon)

Credit card or check


​(Red Cliffs, Subway, White Pocket)


Credit card or check

Photo experts will be along to guide you on best settings and best techniques for amazing photos!

Make full payment or deposit and final payment via paypal

Reserve your spot today - 50% deposit ($875 Full Tour - $725 Partial Tour)

Or to make payment via credit card or check, send me an email to:

​I will tell you how to make credit cards or check payment

Once you sign up, I will send you a complete itinerary along with a list of items needed for the trip.

Price includes all park and tour fees and all hotels.  Participants have to pay their own food costs as well as their own fuel costs to drive to the locations, except the White Pocket Tour, which includes everything. 


Depending on the vehicle, it can be anywhere from $130-$200 per vehicle for the entire trip, and if we carpool we can split that cost. We will not need our vehicles and leave them parked on Saturday when we go to White Pocket on a tour guide's 4x4!

If you have any other questions, please ask me at RoaEmail @

NOTE: Photos shown here are for illustration only and are copyright individual owners. Participants must be able to hike up to 10 miles a day and be able to climb/descend small boulders.  We will rest often and take breaks for photography. You must carry your own water and snacks along with photo gear.  You will receive a list and tips on how to keep your backpack weight to a minimum.

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